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What Will I Learn?

Would you like to learn how to safely create fermented foods and confidently implement fermented foods into the diet?

At The Cultured Club course you will learn how to confidently create your own naturally delicious fermented foods and become well-versed in probiotic nutrition.

If you’re interested in bringing the delicious flavours of this vibrant skill into your kitchen then tasting The Cultured Clubs Fabulously Funky ferments will awaken your palate to flavours which are not available anywhere else.

This is not just just about sauerkraut and pickles. From Kefir to Kvass learn about the variety of probiotic foods which will help restore balance to your intestinal ecosystem. Fermentation promotes good gut flora with every fork and a healthy gut is a happy gut.

It’s our modern twist on an ancient tradition empowering you with a skill to change your life!

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Upcoming Workshops

An Evening with Sandor Katz

An Evening with Sandor Katz

Jun 8, 6:30pm - Jun 8, 3:00pm

The Dark Horse
30-34 Hill Street
Belfast,  BT1 2LB Map

This is a rare opportunity to spend an evening with the King of Kraut as Sandor Katz makes is first visit to Belfast. In recent years he has become to fermentation what Elvis was to popular music and if you are in any way tickled by the magic of the microbes, you won't want to miss this event. Enjoy an evening with the New York Times best selling author of The Art of Fermentation and explore more than the basics of this vast topic. A new generation is once again becoming interested in fermentation, so with stories from his recent travels in the East and rural China, learn the intrinsic role that fermentation plays in other cultures and how this is the missing food we need to reintroduce to our western diets. This is enlightened eating, this is living food, this is heightened tasting and no better way to hear if from the advocate who wants people to see the world and bacteria in a new way.

Wild Fermentation Retreat in the Woods

Wild Fermentation Retreat in the Woods

Jul 2, 2:00pm - Jul 7, 9:00am


I am presenting a very special course in the beautiful mountains of Central Portugal located at my friend Lynn's project on the foothills of the Sierra de Estrela mountain range, near Coja in Arganil.

This retreat will focus on the many techniques of food fermentation for health and a happy gut whilst also exploring the local terroir foraging for wild food to add to our cuisine. As one of Ireland's foremost fermentistas and the healthy gut activist behind The Cultured Club I am delighted to share my passion with you, because it's my mission to make fermented foods a common practice in the kitchen, advocating for its health benefits and taste buds tickling flavour shared in my book The Cultured Clubs Fabulously Funky Ferments.

╰☆ The Location
Lynn's place is located on the foothills of the Sierra de Estrela mountain range, near Coja in Arganil. Read and watch more about these stunning surroundings on her website: www.avidafausto.net/well-being

╰☆ Accommodation
Lynn has transformed small green houses into comfortable bedrooms, which are placed in cozy corners around her Birdhouse. They are equipped with a twin or double bed, cabinets for clothes and a littlel terrace with 2 chairs and a coffee table. These greenhouses are transparent and provide you with a unique 5 billion star sleeping experience close to nature.

╰☆ Facilities
Lynn consciously lives off the grid. There is a vermicomposting flush toilet, which isn't any different from the one you use at home. The hot shower, fuelled with wood can be used in the morning before breakfast or at the end of the day before dinner. There's unlimited drinking water straight from the natural spring. The birdhouse provides electricity to charge phones and laptops. However the use of hair dryers and other high power equipment is not possible.

╰☆ The Package
We offer this retreat for the friendly Early Bird price of 449,00 € per person if you pay before June 1st, 2017. After that the pakage price is 499,00 € per person.

The package includes:

☯ 5 nights accommodation in a shared greenhouse room
☯ 15 organic plantpowered organic meals prepared fresh and with love
☯ 5 Fermentation workshop focussing on probiotic drinks, probiotic foods, probiotic condiments, Creative uses, meal inspiration
☯ Foraging hike about wild edible plants and flowers and how to use them to create wonderful ferments.
☯ Afternoon trip to the waterfall.
☯ Bedsheets and natural soap (due to the water going straight to the land, we use only 100% natural products)
☯ Tea and fruitwater during the day and in addition beer and wine in the evening
☯ Electricity to charge phones/laptops
☯ Wifi around the Birdhouse. Cafes in the village provide free wifi too.

╰☆ How to get there
It’s a 3,5 hour drive from Lisbon and 2,5hrs from Porto. Rental cars in Portugal are very affordable, it's a fun roadtrip and we encourage carsharing. There are also great, convenient and fast public bus services (with wifi) running from both cities to the busstop Catraia de Mouronho.
As there are only limited spots available, check with me beforehand via email: vera@thewakeupexperience.eu.

╰☆ Booking & Reservation
To reserve your spot send an email with in the description "Wild fermentation in the woods" and your full name to avidafausto@gmail.com and by transferring 100 € as a deposit after receiving bank details.

If you think one of your friends may be interested in joining us, feel free to invite them to this page. For further question you can reach me on here info@californiadreamingdesigns.com. For practical questions about the accommodation, food and other things it’s best to reach out to Lynn (Loetje Loe on Facebook) directly via message or email avidafausto@gmail.com

We are very much looking forward to spending those splendid days with you and get to know each other!


Dearbhla & Lynn

Women Wellness through the Seasons: Autumn

Women Wellness through the Seasons: Autumn

Sep 10, 10:00am - Sep 10, 10:00am

The Zen Room, HIllsborough BT26 6PQ

Indulge in the three aspects of well being as you RETREAT into Women's Wellness Through the Seasons.

This day Retreat will focus on the seasonal needs of Autumn and how you can support your body, mind and spirit through meditiation, movement, seasonal nutrition and living food to balance your hormones, reduce stress and anxiety, improve digestion and reduce sweet cravings.

It is unique collaboration facilaited by Yo Soy Gaia, LA Yoga and The Cultured Club.

* Start the day with a welcome living tonic and a grounding meditaiton into the gifts and bounty of Autumn

* Enjoy a yoga session for all and every body

* Explore the benefits of living foods and enjoy a taster menu that will benefit your body as we enter the harvest time.

* Finish the day with a meditation that will assist you in integrating all you received into your body, so you can keep it as you go home on the days and months to come.

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The Cultured Club is dedicated to reviving this lost tradition and bringing the control of our health into our own kitchens.
'Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be food' is a hard philosophy to live by when we are so removed from the food we eat.

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