Have you been hearing about Fermented foods or Cultured Foods and have no idea what this really is? Well  CULTURED & FERMENTED FOODS are foods which have been partly pre-digested for you so your body doesn’t have to do so much work. And guess what, they taste way better than they sound, or smell for that matter! They are so good that every native diet around the world had their own speciality.  They have been around for thousands of years.  Sadly they have dropped out of the western diet and NOW it is time to put them back into YOUR diet. Imagine a fridge full of SUPERFOODS which you have made yourself, for pennies. Imagine jars filled full of colourful connections, all made to taste, which are full of goodness ready to nourish you.   It is a simple technique and here are some easy ways to do just that






Amazing workshop! Recommended 100%

- Mayella